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One of the best Innovation is driven by concern the market risk and offer smart solution.

When I collect the food from delivery courier, I will always try to refrain from hygiene worries about the courier process.

Antimicrobial Food Delivery Bag

o Antimicrobial treated material Inhibit bacteria growth

o Keep delivery food away from bacteria cross infection.

FAQ: Antimicrobial Food Delivery Bag

1. What are the main benefit of using Antimicrobial Food Delivery Bag apart from Hygiene?

Answer: Enhancing Cooperative Image. Reduce the Food Safety risk to customer.

Build up the image to show your concern about customers health. Standing out from the competition of other service provider and build a reputation of excellence.

2. How does the Antimicrobial treatment on the Food Delivery Bag work?

Answer: The material used for the Antimicrobial Food Delivery Bag is treated with antimicrobial agents that help prevent the proliferation of bacteria on the bag's inner surface. This treatment helps to maintain 7/24 cleanliness, and keep the interior free from bacteria.

3. Can the Antimicrobial Food Delivery Bag be used for multiple types of food?

Answer: Yes, the Antimicrobial Food Delivery Bag is versatile and suitable for transporting various types of food items. Whether you are delivering hot meals or cold beverages, the bag's design and antimicrobial properties help maintain the food's integrity and safety during transit.

Best Regards

Gabriel Li

Potter Industries Ltd.


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