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Family Care with Ecomelife Antimicrobial Home Storage & Laundry:

Ecomelife was found in 1992, specializes in Innovative Design & Manufacturing Home products and Travelling & Outdoor accessories.

We design and build over 100 new products with the integration of innovation & practicality annually.  Ecomelife possesses over 20 patents and aspires to higher quality of life with extraordinary user experience.

Our teams believe in compliance and business Integrity is in the best interest of all people. Providing safe and good quality products to customers is our core value which will never be compromised.


Well Prepare for “Post Pandemic Normal” Opportunity with Microban Technology:

When the Pandemic recedes, it will trigger a lot of changes to our life. In Post Pandemic Normal, people will exhibit higher level of concern about Family & Personal Hygiene. Increasing awareness will drive the need of daily use products with antimicrobial as an added value.   


Benefits of Ecomelife Home Storage Kitchen & Laundry products with Microban: 

Microban antimicrobial technology infuses into the material & becomes an intrinsic co-exit features with our products.  It inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms which is proven to cause odor and health risk.

Ecomelife has started applying antimicrobial technology since 2005.  Safety is our top priority concern.  Microban is simply the best technology offering us Reliable & Safe solution.  Our wide range products cover many different needs and is convincing with proven antimicrobial performance & impressive practicality.


Ecomelife with Microban application is far beyond imagination:


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